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Rising Stars Series: James Zong

This month our Rising Star Series features James Zong, a musician with international success in his sights. James started playing the piano at the age of just four years old, and while he actually took up the French horn for a little while during high school, he soon discovered his true desire was to become a concert pianist.

James wows New York audiences

James has performed at a number of Melbourne venues but was fortunate enough to be invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York in 2017 after placing first in the East Coast International Competition. In James’ own words it was “definitely a highlight of my musical journey thus far!”

James also took part in the Metropolis New Music Festival last year, where he was granted the privilege of performing a work by Unsuk Chin for the composer herself.

James encourages other music students to participate in festivals saying that such events “allow musicians to broaden their horizons and also consolidate on existing knowledge and skills. The importance of lifelong learning should never be underestimated!”

James’ dreams of international success

After completing his undergraduate law and music double degree, James would like to pursue further studies in music overseas. “The ultimate goal is to become a respected international concert pianist and pedagogue.”

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