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Rising Star Series: Laura Campbell

Laura Campbell started playing the clarinet at the age of 12, but grew up around classical music from a very young age, having a passion for dance and ballet music. Laura says “I chose the clarinet for how easy it was to carry around at school, and really wanted to play the melody in the school concert band. I’m so glad I chose the instrument because I really love the colour it creates.”

A rising star of many talents

It was during Laura’s studies with David Griffiths that she developed a passion for Brahms and genres such as klezmer music. Laura also plays the flute and saxophone, which has led to her involvement in musical theatre, and recently a month-long tour to China performing with some amazing Broadway singers.

Laura began participating in festivals a few years ago, and has been the VBL Woodwind Champion two years in a row, as well as having received the John Tallis Beleura Bursary. Laura says, ” I really wish I had some of those experiences at a younger age, both to meet other inspiring musicians and to get experiences performing both as a soloist and in an ensemble.”

Following her dream

Laura has always had a passion for wind band music. Her dream is to perform full time in a wind symphony, as well as smaller ensembles such as a clarinet quartet and wind quintet. Apart from a music degree, Laura also has an education degree. She would love to keep her passion for teaching young instrumentalists when not performing, as well as continuing to share her music and story via social media.

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