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Please note that due to the continuing uncertainty regarding Covid-19 and travel, all Music Study tours are currently on hold.

Back in the 17th to 19th centuries, travelling abroad in search of art and culture was considered a rite of passage for young aristocrats of good upbringing.  Known as "grand tours", these trips could often take months or even years using basic modes of transport such as ships or horse carriage!

Fortunately, young people today can visit different countries and learn about different cultures much more easily.  The "grand tours" of the bygone era have become today's "study tours".  At the International Academy of Musical Arts, we believe in creating opportunities for students to visit Australia and experience the unique Australian culture.  Our classes are taught by Australia's leading musicians where students will learn how to accelerate their musical studies through improving both their technique and interpretation.  There will also be ample opportunities for students to visit some of the most extraordinary places in Australia - from vibrant cities combining the best of the old and new worlds, to wild and rugged landscapes that stir the imagination.  

Our study tours include:

  • Study program design (choose from music, painting, and English classes)

  • Half-day excursions and day tours

  • Accommodation and transport

  • Meals

If you would like to know more about our study tours, please email us at

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