2020 Melbourne International

Piano and Strings Festival Online Competition


The Melbourne International Piano and Strings Festival Competition (MIPSFC) was held online for the first time in the history of the event due to the global situation regarding COVID-19. The MIPSFC received more than 300 applications from residents of fourteen countries: Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, USA, Vietnam.

Congratulations to all the performers for their performance artistry! We hope that you will continue to explore the magic and beauty of music and share your talents far and wide! A big thank you to the teachers and family who support the musicians' endeavours!

Results are listed with the performer's country of residence at the time of application.

STRINGS results are directly below.

For PIANO results, scroll down further or click HERE.


STRINGS - 6 Years and Under


1st Prize: Hao Yuan Hu (China)

2nd Prize: Yuzhi Shen (China)

3rd Prize: Allan Du (Australia)


Honourable Mention

Sarah Xuan En Goh Cazaly (Malaysia)


STRINGS - 9 Years and Under


1st Prize: Yiting Liu (China)

2nd Prize: Oliver Mar (New Zealand)

3rd Prize: Amelia Baisden (USA)


Honourable Mentions

Anny Wang (New Zealand), Paige Wu (Australia), Hayden Chiu (New Zealand)


STRINGS - 13 Years and Under


1st Prize: Nguyen Le Nguyen (Vietnam)

2nd Prize: Yanyi Wu (China)

3rd Prize: Yiyi Li (Australia)


Honourable Mentions

Yuhan Chen (China), Yitong Luo (China)


STRINGS - 17 Years and Under


1st Prize: Dezhang Li (China)

2nd Prize: Louise Turnbull (Australia)

3rd Prize: Jiahe Zhang (China)


Honourable Mentions

Rita Liao (Australia), Ruoran An (China), Hairu Wang (China)



STRINGS - 25 Years and Under


1st Prize: Yizhen Xuan (USA)

2nd Prize: Yishan Xuan (USA)

3rd Prize: Jack Theakston (Australia)


Honourable Mentions

Xiang Han (China), Yiyi Li (Australia), Lidya Evania Lukito (Indonesia)



PIANO - 6 Years and Under


1st Prize: Felix Suo (Australia)

2nd Prize: Melody Huang (Australia)

3rd Prize: Zixin Yu (Australia)


Honourable Mentions

Alan Aretz-Yu (Germany), Nathaniel Lim (Australia), George Hu (Australia)


PIANO - 9 Years and Under


1st Prize: Aaron Su (Australia)

2nd Prize: Nicholas Xilang Feng (Australia)

3rd Prize: Emmeline Chloe Hadeli (Switzerland)


Honourable Mentions

Lucas  Leung (Australia), Kingsley Hsu (Australia), Emma Rose Koeswandy (Australia)



 PIANO - 13 Years and Under


1st Prize: Charlotte Giraudeau (Singapore)

2nd Prize: Nicholas Xilang Feng (Australia)

3rd Prize: Thao Nguyen Nguyen (Vietnam)


Honourable Mentions

Zehao Nie (Australia), Yuhan Luo (China), Haoqing Liu (Australia),

Calysta Tie Er Lim (Malyasia), Jiuchun Joy Yin (Australia) , Caitlyn Zi Han Lim (Malaysia),

Reynard Jamjan (Indonesia), Ayana Fridkin (Australia)


PIANO - 17 Years and Under


1st Prize: Sunny Le (New Zealand)

2nd Prize: Beatrice Xin Yu Khor (Malaysia)

3rd Prize: Madeleine Giraudeau (Singapore)


Honourable Mentions:

Kate Hamilton (Australia), Alex Forbes (Australia), Brandon Wang (Australia),

Yii Jie Tan (Malaysia), Michael Liu (Australia)


PIANO - 25 Years and under


1st Prize: Wenqi Du (China)

2nd Prize: Zhiqi Yuan (Germany)

3rd Prize: Nina Fan(Australia)


Honourable Mentions:

Leo Nguyen (Australia) , PeiYue Zhang (China), Sunghyun Lee (South Korea)

Congratulations to all prize-winners on your brilliant performances!

All Prize-winners and Honourable Mention recipients will be receiving a digital award certificate via email.

Thank you to the 2020 jury for undertaking this challenging task!


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